Answers To Common Foot Questions

Our staff is trained to recognize the symptoms of the most common foot problems that are encountered.  We provide suggestions of what shoes could best meet your needs.  You may have a prescription from your MD or podiatrist (DPM) for a particular shoe, shoe feature, or over the counter foot supports.  We can fill it!  Another resource to find information is to visit the website.  They offer insight to most foot problems.  While you are here, simply click on the logo on the left and try it out!

Custom Orthotics and Shoe Modifications

Custom foot supports (orthotics) are made from a mold of the foot. Orthotics provide support and relief for athletic, work and other activities. Orthotics can also be made for customers who may have orthopedic deformities and even amputations. Your physician may prescribe these for you. Also many people just walk in to the store with a particular need. You may have plantar fasciitis, arthritis, strained arches, or a host of many other problems. Orthotics can be made of very thin and firm materials, or semi-soft, or even soft materials, depending on your needs. Some customers need firm control of foot position, while others need a little control and a lot of cushioning to relieve pain or a prominent spot on the foot. Skip Chandler, PT, CPed and Steve Wengren, CPed have over 50 years experience in making custom foot orthotics. Give us a call if you have any questions. Be aware that we also make modifications to shoes. Some of you have had injuries, surgeries, or disease processes that have caused one leg to be shorter than the other. Or perhaps a foot or ankle joint has been fused. We can do shoe modifications to correct or alleviate these issues. Call us if you have any questions at (801) 274-6905!!